miRevenue for Community Banking

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About this brochure

  • Gain a high level overview of how community banks can benefit from product and pricing lifecycle management
  • Understand the features and benefits of a modular approach that can easily integrate with core product systems
  • Get a glimpse of the features and benefits of miRevenue

Zafin is a leading provider of relationship banking solutions for Retail, Corporate, Wealth, FI's and Cash Management. We're transforming the way banks manage products, profitability, pricing and billing across the client relationship. Our flexible software suite, miRevenue, is a complete Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management platform focused on revenue enhancement. Endorsed by 100% of our clients, miRevenue enables banks to offer suitable products to eligible clients at the right price, ensuring a reliable, sustainable source of revenue.

About Zafin

“Our customers will start to see that we are rewarding them
for the full extent of their relationship with us. There is a lot of power in this platform, and the first instance is just the beginning. There are many more things that can be done. ”

~ Alexandra Roddy,

Senior Vice President, Retail Strategy & Delivery, Bank of the West

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