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In a static world, the successful management of wealth management relationships can be  accomplished with the right balance of financial acumen and concierge banking. However, each relationship is unique. In a world of declining margins, wealth managers quickly realize that they need to do more with less and find new ways to generate revenue with – and  deliver value to – the clients they already have.

Zafin is a leading provider of relationship banking solutions for Retail, Corporate, Wealth, FI's and Cash Management. We're transforming the way banks manage products, profitability, pricing and billing across the client relationship. Our flexible software suite, miRevenue, is a complete Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management platform focused on revenue enhancement. Endorsed by 100% of our clients, miRevenue enables banks to offer suitable products to eligible clients at the right price, ensuring a reliable, sustainable source of revenue.

About Zafin

“We were looking for a configurable and rules based pricing and billing engine which could be integrated with our system-landscape with ease. We required a modular and extendible architecture for our future plans. From a business perspective we had to reduce the time to market for new pricing strategies, enable product bundling and provide differential pricing based on customer loyalty. The miRevenue implementation, currently live at ZKB, helps us to meet all these needs and provides us with a sustainable solution for the future.”

Mr. Johannes H. Staub - Head Services, Zürcher Kantonal Bank

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