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Building a Business Case

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Introduction Financial services organizations are presented with difficult decisions every day. Those involving investment in change initiatives, especially involving IT, such as Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management (PPLM) transformations, tend to be amongst the most complex. Myriad factors make decisions concerning change initiatives especially complex. The resources, including money and people, both management and staff, needed to deliver initiatives will typically be limited. Current activities could, therefore, be adversely impacted by a decision to proceed with a new initiative. The motivation for change initiatives will vary significantly, aiming to deliver different benefits which may not be easily comparable. Business cases provide a structured way of presenting all of the information required for senior management to evaluate and understand the impact of change initiatives and to help them make informed investment decisions. As an industry leader in PPLM solutions, Zafin Advisory has developed this guide to help our existing and prospective clients to build well-structured and compelling PPLM-oriented business cases. Our guide aims to help readers successfully navigate through the different steps and processes necessary for building business cases by considering the following: Strategic business plans; Business case feasibility studies; and Format and content of a business case. A Guide To Building Business Cases For Strategic Product And Pricing Lifecycle Management Initiatives Zafin Advisory

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