Missed connection? A loyalty assessment may be in your future

June 19, 2015 Bonnie Ton

You met online. Things were exciting at first – she stopped by several times a week, you went shopping together, took in a movie, cashed in some points and took a trip.

cloud-delivered loyalty analytics solutions for banksBut then she stopped returning calls. She just vanished. You are disappointed, but more than that, you’re dismayed at how powerless you feel. The not knowing is almost unbearable.

You look out the window of your office and think, “What would I give to find her again among the crowds, and reignite the flame?”

Zafin understands. While penning a romance novel isn’t our primary business, rekindling banking relationships is. We’re building world-class, cloud-delivered loyalty analytics solutions for banks with similar problems – solutions that help re-engage the bond between banks and their customers.

As champions of relationship pricing and the whole ecosystem of Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management (PPLM), it was a natural extension of our skill set to solve this stickiest of problems: what makes banks’ loyalty programs work? So we built an analytics engine to do just that.


Is your loyalty program working?

If you’re not sure, we can help. With our loyalty program assessment, we turn six months of loyalty and transaction data into insights that are powerful, targeted, and bankable.

Specifically, we provide:

  • banking loyalty program assessmentA detailed assessment of your loyalty program: More than “trends,” we can parse the data and say, “Do this to fix it.”
  • Client-level loyalty scoring: A FICO credit score-like measurement for each client to identify attrition risk early and reward your best customers
  • Proprietary behaviour-based segmentation: Target specific campaigns to improve retention, boost reward redemptions and create product and service differentiation
  • A report card on your merchant partners: Determine which ones are triggering engagement by your customers and which are dead weight
  • Potential revenue upside! (Hint: the numbers get big, quickly)

Check out our sample loyalty program assessment to see the impact that surgical adjustments can have on loyalty, engagement and, ultimately, your bank’s financial performance. We’ll tell you how to get involved, too, if generating high ROI is your thing.

Life is short. Go after that customer. And let Zafin help you with what to say.

To learn more about how  Zafin’s loyalty assessment could work for you, click here.

For more information on our loyalty analytics solution, visit www.zafin.com/analytics.

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