Celero Webinar: Relationship-based Innovative Product Bundling and Pricing

February 12, 2018 Cam Smith

There’s a lot more to fostering positive, long-term relationships with your members than the initial handshake. Thankfully, financial technology is offering new and innovative solutions for financial institutions to develop more profound relationships with their customers than ever before.

In partnership with Celero, Zafin is leading a webinar called “Innovative product bundling and pricing based on contextual customer relationship” where we’re delving into how our product can specifically empower financial institutions and their customers.

In this webinar we’re going to discuss how Zafin’s solutions plug into financial institutions’ existing ecosystems and helps them to:

  • Tailor product bundling and pricing to member relationships and microsegments
  • Create, change, and rapidly deploy product bundling and pricing, with no technical expertise or IT interaction required
  • Automate the tracking and governance of product bundling and pricing against key performance metrics

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Webinar Details

  • Registration: Click here to reserve your spot!
  • When: February 14, 10am MT (12pm EST)
  • What: Webinar about FinTech solutions, hosted by Celero and lead by Vishal Ramesh, Solutions Consultant and Meenaz Sunderji, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances

About Zafin

Zafin (@zafin) is a leading financial technology provider that enables banks to form richer, more personalized client relationships. Built from the ground up for financial services, its platform empowers banks to enhance revenue and operational efficiency. Founded in 2002, Zafin sits among North America’s top FinTech companies, and is trusted by retail and corporate units at some of the largest banks worldwide. Headquartered in Toronto with global offices, Zafin has a proven track record with a 100 percent client retention rate as validation.

Cam Smith

Cam is the Digital Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Zafin. With a background in journalism and a passion for blogging, Cam strives to tell compelling digital stories. At Zafin he will share the latest trends and news in the FinTech world, and share Zafin’s role as leader in the industry. Follow him on Twitter @CamSmoth

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